Muthama Rebukes MPs for awarding themselves 250,000 house allowance

Former Machakos Senator Johnston Muthama at the funeral of Johnson Nthiwa in Uamani village. (Credit - Agnes/Mauvoo)

Former Machakos Senator Johnson Muthama has castigated lawmakers for awarding themselves sh. 250,000 house allowances. Speaking on Saturday Muthama said that it was a show of greed for them to award themselves more money yet they have a big salary accompanied with allowances.

He said the move was untimely as the country was grappling a huge external debt. The former Senator took a swipe at President Uhuru Kenyatta, Raila Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka for failing to rebuke this act. According to Muthama, the leaders did not want to displease the MPs in fear that they will not get their support in 2022.

He urged the mourners to seriously pray for the country as nothing meaningful was going on in the country.

“These lawmakers have awarded themselves a whooping sh. 250,000 house allowances on top of their salaries and allowances yet the common Mwananchi is suffering in hospitals lacking medicine and other proper equipment not to mention schools,” said Muthama.

He observed that it was selfish and a show of lack of concern for the legislators to make such a move. According to Muthama, the community needs to stop joking and realize that the prosperity and their future squarely depends on leaders they elect.

Muthama further poked holes into the 1.5% housing levy imposed on workers citing that there are other things that need to be prioritized like fighting corruption. He noted that Kenyans were already burdened enough.

“If your salary is 10,000 and you live and work in Kithyoko, you will pay 150 to go and build houses in Langata. Hapana. Rais anatuchezea hatutaki hii Mchezo. Let him leave Kenyans alone.

He said that Kenya needed a president like former Tanzanian president who would turn the country upside down and transform it and not a person after making Money.

Muthama had attended the burial ceremony of Johnson Nthiwa in Uamani village,Matungulu east, Machakos. He was joined by area MCA Cosmas Ngula and KNUT officials led by Albanus Mutisya who is the National Treasurer.

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