Muthama Breaks Silence on Mutua’s Decision to Endorse Wavinya

Days after Machakos Governor Dr. Alfred Mutua named Wavinya Ndeti of Wiper party as the preferred successor, UDA Party chairman Johnson Muthama has broken his silence on the matter.

Speaking in an interview with a local TV station, Muthama stated that Mutua decided to support Wavinya because he was a former member of the Wiper Party before forming his Chap chap party and was also in Azimio before decamping to Kenya Kwanza.

Muthama alleged that Wavinya and Mutua secretly met at a hotel and made an agreement that he would ask his supporters to support Wavinya so as to block Muthama from becoming the second Machakos Governor.

“They say that when Muthama becomes the Governor of Machakos, he will ask Mutua where the 600 boreholes he keeps on saying he drilled are, Muthama will ask Mutua where are the tractors he claims to have bought. Muthama will ask Mutua where he took the ambulances he paraded for the people to see only to later disappear and others grounded. Muthama will ask Mutua where he took the money he allocated in his budget for each homestead to have a shower and since he doesn’t have evidence his fate is to face graft charges,” Muthama said.

The former senator claimed that Wavinya told Mutua that she would hide all the documents that might be used to prosecute him, and thus he should support her to cover up all the mess. He added that they signed an agreement, and Mutua promised to show Wavinya how she could generate more revenue in Machakos and how to spend the money.

“Mutua told Wavinya that he will show her how to bribe the EACC people and the Auditor general so that there is nothing bad they can say about Mutua, and that’s why he decided to support Wavinya as the next Machakos governor,” Muthama alleged.

He also pointed out that Mutua also wanted to send mixed signals that he could go back to Azimio if Ruto doesn’t do what Mutua wanted, and that’s why he said that he would vote for Ruto and Wavinya as the Machakos governor.

“Mutua is a person who looks mentally ill and is now confused because even his deputy dropped out of the race and supported Wavinya and is seen as a way that Maliti was paving the way for Mutua to come and talk to Wavinya on how they will cover up Machakos mess by Mutua and Maliti,” Muthama added.

Muthama also affirmed that he will be in the race for Machakos gubernatorial race and is the best bet for Machakos people compared to his competitors who want to continue looting Machakos county.

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