Muthama Addresses Claims That He Is Leaving UDA

Former Machakos Senator Johnson Muthama has refuted claims that he is leaving the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party.

Speaking at a funeral in Mbooni, Muthama called for unity of the Kamba community for it to get greater bargaining power. He decried that none of the Kamba leaders in the current government sit where the national cake is shared.

Through his Facebook account, Muthama who was the founding chairman of the (UDA) reiterated his unwavering support for the ruling party and its leadership while emphasizing his dedication to fostering unity within his community.

“As the founding chairman of United Democratic Alliance (UDA), I campaigned vigorously for the party for us to form a government and I still hold allegiance to the ruling party,” stated Muthama.

Muthama also addressed concerns that his efforts to promote community unity might be misinterpreted as a departure from the party.

“Despite being a loyal supporter of this administration, it doesn’t mean that anyone can deter me from championing the unity of my community and as I do that, it shouldn’t be misconstrued that I am leaving UDA or ceasing to support the President,” He clarified.

His remarks come at a time when political allegiances and community leadership are closely watched in the national landscape, with Muthama seeking to balance his political commitments with his responsibilities to his community.

Muthama’s statement serves to reassure both the UDA leadership and his constituents of his steadfast position, aiming to dispel any doubts about his loyalty while continuing to advocate for unity and development within his community.

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