Musila hits Kalonzo below the belt, declares Muthama new kingpin

Former Kitui Senator David Musila has called for a change of Ukambani leadership saying that UDA Chairman Johnson Muthama should be the new Ukambani kingpin.

Addressing leaders drawn from the Kamba region allied to President William Ruto, Musila said that gone are the days the Kamba people were led blindly.

“I’ve known Muthama for a long time. If there is someone loyal and committed to the Kamba community it is Muthama. That one being called kingpin (Kalonzo) we made him Vice president (Muthama and myself). The sad thing is he used the sit to benefit himself and his family members.” Musila said.

“I am not joking about the issue of family. Go to Kitui and find out about nominated MCAs they are relatives… From the Deputy Governor to MCA Nairobi. Even his brother’s wife, you can’t imagine.” He added.

Musila noted the community was being taken for granted because of Kalonzo’s indecisiveness.

“Every 5 years he says he will be a presidential candidate and will not play second fiddle to anyone. Don’t you hear that? When the time comes dillydallying begins, here and there. Today I’m going for National Assembly speaker, tomorrow senate, then the next day I’ve stopped. What is this? I left him with Sunkuli, did they finish the race? Don’t you feel embarrassed? He has made us look like people without brains. ” He took on Kalonzo.

“It is time to change leadership. It is time he gives somebody another chance to lead the troops. Don’t expect that,, We must take it forcefully and be ready to criticize something that is not right. We cannot afford to be in the opposition. We cannot survive! We have no dams, roads, or food because we have no leadership.” The ex-senator who was once a close ally of Kalonzo added.

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