Mule slams Muthama for trying to outshine Kalonzo

A past photo of Matungulu MP Stephen Mutinda Mule. Mule has slammed Muthama for trying to outshine Kalonzo. (Photo credit - Courtesy)

Matungulu Member of Parliament Stephen Mule has slammed former Machakos Senator Johnson Muthama for trying to outshine Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka.

Speaking to Mauvoo News, Mule stated that Muthama should know that he is no longer Wiper party’s favorite and he has no right whatsoever to speak on behalf of Kalonzo or the Kamba people.

Mule intimated that Kalonzo remains to be the undisputed Kamba Kingpin who is allowed to make any transaction on behalf of the community.

“Muthama should be told he is no longer Wiper’s favorite. Kalonzo is the Kamba leader whom we have put our trust in,” said Mule.

Mule went ahead to dispute that the vibrant former senator is among the financiers of the party.

He disclosed that Wiper leaders contribute to any meeting that is held by the party.

“We dig into our own pockets, be it Koma meeting or whichever. Even the meeting in Yatta we had contributed to ensuring it’s success,” he said.

The vocal legislator stated that after meeting Kalonzo in Yatta the party forged the way forward about the Kamba community.

“We held the meeting to clear any doubts brought about by Muthama when he went to Musyi FM. The message is clear about what way we are taking,” he said.

He went ahead to state that a great coalition between the President and Kalonzo Musyoka was looming but failed to give more details.

On Monday, ukambani leaders congregated for a consultative forum at Wiper Party leader Kalonzo Musyoka’s Yatta Home. Kalonzo insisted that he will be where president Uhuru Kenyatta will be in the 2022 general elections.

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