Mtito Andei Family appeals for help to bury Pastor who left 3.5M hospital bill

A family from Darajani in Mtito Andei, Makueni County is appealing to the Government, political leaders, and well wishes to help them bury their kin.

The deceased James Nzioka was a Pastor at Deliverance Church Darajani before their demise in November 2022.

The family explained that the deceased began feeling unwell in August last year when he was taken to the hospital and was operated on his stomach.

He was back home feeling better before he felt sick again and was taken back to the hospital but this time he did not make it.

Nzioka left a whooping hospital bill of 3.5 million and his mortuary fees currently stand at 170,000.

“He began ailing in August last year where we spent over 800, 000 for his medication. He was treated and allowed to go home but three months later the disease came back again. In November, he died leaving a bill of over three million shillings where he was being treated in Machakos,” said his son.

“The body is at Montezuma Funeral Home attracting a charge of 1,000 every day since 27th November last year. The hospital hill after a contribution we were able to pay 100,171,” he added.

Willy Sungwa, Patron Thome wa Akamba in the area told the press that the family is down financially and cannot foot the bill.

He asked for well wishes and leaders to lend a helping hand so that the family can bury their kin and have peace.

“We have heard that the bill is over 3 million shillings and by looking at this home you can see they can not afford to foot the bill at all.” Willy said.

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