MP Aspirant Plea To Leaders On Hunger and Increasing food prices

Leaders in the country have been called on to come together and find a solution to the ongoing food shortage resulting in hunger and increased food prices.

Speaking at Mbuni area in Matungulu sub-county of Machakos county, Dr. Philip Munyao an Mp Aspirant in the constituency said that leaders ought to stop politics first and discuss measures to salvage the hunger issue.

He noted that many families were going without food and if the situation would not be solved soon enough some people may end up dying because of hunger.

“Food stuff prices have really gone up and there is hunger in many areas in the country. The food prices are up and mwanachi’s income is dwindling resulting in hunger,” Philip said.

“My request is to political leaders and government we need to find measures to curb this hunger menace, the common mwananchi is struggling and we need to change the conversation first and see what we can do to save our electorate,” he added.

The politician who was donating a wheelchair to a disabled child whose mother passed on while giving birth said that if elected he would ensure that People Living With Disabilities are be taken care of by empowering them through various funds as well as ensuring they are recognized by the National Government body dealing with PWDs.

“Today I gave out a wheelchair to a child. In my tenure if am elected as Matungulu MP I will ensure that they are taken care of and empowered through different funds from the national government,” the MP aspirant went on.


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