Mlolongo: Motorists Face Surprise Traffic Jam along Mombasa Road

Motorists traveling along the Mombasa road were left frustrated after being caught in a traffic jam on Tuesday morning.

Some motorists took their concerns and frustrations to social media. The congestion during the construction of new flyover bridges particularly along the Mlolongo – Syokimau corridor, a busy highway that leads to Nairobi CBD.

The prospect of no earlier notification to motorists from the Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) concerning the closure of the road escalated the tension among motorists.

One X user named Davis Naaam took to the social media platform to question the authorities saying, “With all due respect, why close a major road like Mombasa road at Mlolongo during peak time?”

Naaam further criticized the diversion strategy, which directed all traffic onto the service lane currently congested with trailers queuing for the weighbridge. He called the situation “unreasonable.”

Resin Honey, another X user voiced her frustrations, “Yani I am stuck in traffic for more than an hour thinking it is an accident kumbe ni barabara wamefunga surely.”

“KeNHA blocked the road? Why for God’s sake,” Jeff, also an X user posted in the issue.

Mombasa Road provides convenience for members of the public accessing the city and other places such as Mombasa, Athi River, Kitengela, Mlolongo and Machakos. This particular traffic jam had a profound effect of increasing the time that many motorists spent on the roads by many folds.

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