Miambani residents set on fire man accused of theft


A 50-year-old man from Mutulu, Miambani ward in Kitui Central Constituency of Kitui County is receiving treatment at Kitui Level 4 Hospital after sustaining burn injuries after being set on fire by residents.

According to Miambani area chief Muthoka Kilonzo the said man was set ablaze by residents because of a connection to theft and selling of bhang in the area for a long time. The irate residents set him on fire before the police came and saved him.

Chief Muthoka said that the man had become notorious for stealing household items and livestock from neighbors who became fed up with him.

“Residents set ablaze a 50-year-old man called Ngala Muteti who had been involved in stealing household items and livestock from residents in Miambani and it seems they had become fed up and decided to lynch him,” Muthoka said.

“Police arrived at the scene, saved him and put out the fire before the victim succumbed to the burns and then rushed him to hospital as they await to charge him in court, ” The chief added.

He further asked residents not to be taking matters into their own hands rather they should consult with the local administration so that action can be taken on the culprits.

Mauvoo news in April reported increased cases of insecurity in different parts of Kitui town; Mosquito, Kunda kindu, and Kulundu areas during the curfew period. Mwingi residents were also reported to be living in fear as robbers took advantage of the Government curfew to rob them.

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