Meet Anderson Kaloki, the Candidate who fascinated residents with his ideas at the Makueni Gubernatorial debate

Makueni Gubernatorial Candidate Anderson Kaloki Mwanza, a retired Air Force soldier was not known to many people before the Makueni Gubernatorial debate hosted by state broadcaster KBC.

During the debate, Kaloki gave solutions to different problems facing the county that seemed to fascinate the audience. Some members of the public from the audience compared him to Presidential candidate Wajackoyah and nicknamed him so.

When asked on his plan for healthcare in Makueni, Kaloki said, “Mambo ya health ni ya mili yetu. Our own health ni ya mili yetu. We cannot solve health kwa kuongea kizungu mingi. Mahali niko kwa every 4 villages, I want them to have mobile clinics with a doctor day and night to help people. I was once called to take a woman with mental issues to the hospital. I thought we would get drugs because mad people are few. We didn’t even get that and I had to go buy elsewhere.”

On the issue of employment, he promised to build a university, Makueni bank, and a telecommunications company which he believes will resolve unemployment.

“On the issue of employment, I want to get a permanent solution by first having the university of Makueni as big as the University of Nairobi that will employ all Makueni professionals. Secondly a Makueni international airport, it will also employ professionals and a telecommunication company like Safaricom, a Makueni bank that will capture many unemployed people.” Kaloki said amidst cheers and shouts of Wajackoyah.

“If elected priority number one is hunger which we can finish by bringing water to our farms. Priority number two is school fees, number three is unemployment and security. I want to resolve security issues by grouping 4 villages and drilling a borehole and piping the water to the households. I will also have a security mast to protect people day and night. Every house will have a dam of 300 liters to start farming.” Kaloki went on.

Kaloki holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from the University of Nairobi and is vying as an independent candidate. Other leaders who attended the debate include Senator Mutula Kilonzo, Prof. Emmanuel Mutisya of UDA, David Masika of ODM and Patrick Musimba.

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