Meet 30-year-old Makueni Man who lives in the forest

30 year old Makueni man inside a forest where he lives near The Governor's office. (Photo credit - Austine/Mauvoo)

For two years now, 30-year-old Munyao Kimeu, a resident of Mulala, Mbitini, Makueni sub-county, has lived a solitary life deep inside a natural impenetrable forest like the early man. The forest where he lives is adjacent to Makueni County Governor’s office.

Munyao says that the forest has been giving him consolation, and a very “peaceful life” after failing to secure a job to live a good life in what he attributes to lack of education and hard economic times.

He schooled at Mulala primary school before dropping out in class 3 after the death of his parents where he could not afford to continue and acquire basic education. Later family feuds forced him to flee their home.

The need for a better living standard, and pressure from within to live like other youth, he tarmacked in several towns in search of a job but all has ended in woods since he says no one has been ready to offer a job to a class three drop-out. However, his invincibility as a youth has not borne him fruits.

“I have nothing to pay rent. I came to Wote in search of a job. I failed to secure one and I ended up here in the forest,” said Munyao.

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