Mbisu Mbyu, Kathithyamaa, and other towns with funny meaning in Ukambani

If you are non-Kamba while pronouncing the names of these areas, nothing may seem funny to you but when the meaning is explained, you will be rolling on the ground with your ribs aching.

These are areas found in Ukambani whose names have funny meanings.

Mbisu Mbyu meaning hot pot is found in Makueni county. It’s not clear where the name originated from.

Matuu is the headquarters of the Yatta sub-county in Machakos county.

The name means footsteps in Kamba. There is also ‘Matuu ma Mwiitu’ in Matungulu sub-county which means the footsteps of a lady.

Kyaaka is Found in Kangundo sub county meaning ‘For women’. Surprisingly another town in the neighboring Matungulu sub-county is called ‘Kyaume‘ meaning for men.

Kabaa-One may pronounce it roughly with a b but in Kamba, it is pronounced with a v instead. The name means better and the town is located in Mwala sub-county, Machakos.

Kathithyamaa-One of the intriguing places in Machakos meaning ‘something that makes the intestines cold’. Is it a drink, food, or incident, no one knows.

Mavindini Sleepy village is found in Makueni county meaning a place of bones.

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Mbui Nzau is located in Kikumbulyo in Kibwezi, Makueni County. The name means a white goat that used to be seen in the Mbui Nzau hills.

Kyasioni Found in Yatta sub-county of Machakos county. The place means where carving is done. Chances are there was some carving that was being done in the area a long time ago.

Mwasua-Found in Mwala means a place where the sun is shining. The area is known for being hot and dry.

Muka Mukuu means the first wife and the Town is found along Tala-Oldonyo Sabuk road.

Katheka Kai-Found in Machakos meaning a dangerous forest. The place is said to have been named so because of the dangerous animals that used to be in the forest.

Nduu Ndune is in Nzaui sub-county, Makueni County meaning a red squirrel.

Muka Mukuu is a small town found in Kyanzavi, Matungulu sub-county in Machakos County. Muka Mukuu means an old wife or woman

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