Mavoko constituency ranked top in Uwezo fund uptake and utilisation

Mavoko constituency MP Patrick Makau while disbursing 9.7 million Uwezo fund to youth and women groups at CDF offices. (Photo credit - Courtesy)

Mavoko Constituency has been ranked top in the uptake and utilisation of Uwezo funds. This is according to the gender and administration officer in charge of the Lower Eastern region Josephine Itenyi.

According to Josephine, women, youth groups and People living with disability in Mavoko constituency have utilised the funds well and are leading in repayment at 72 percent.

“Watu wa Mavoko wamelipa loans 72%, compared to other counties in Ukambani. Even countrywide, Mavoko is rated highly in terms of loan repayment in terms of uptake. ” Josephine said.

“Mmechukua loans na mmejisaidia. As government we have many projects for the youths.” She added.

Mavoko MP Patrick Makau at the event said that many groups in his constituency have benefited from Uwezo funds promising to keep supporting them so that they grow.

“Some have table banking, others car wash and some even do poultry and reselling of land. If you get some amount and a grace period of six months you can plan yourself. Some groups last time got 50,000 now they have 100,000 others 100,000 now 300,000. ” Mavoko MP said.

“This shows that they have financial discipline. In Machakos, Mavoko leads with uptake of uwezo funds. Together with my team we are committed to ensure even more people benefit.” Makau added.

The legislator further dismissed politicians misleading youth and women groups that uwezo fund is government money and can be squandered adding that as not helping the groups but making them not to benefit.

The function to distribute 9.7million Uwezo fund to youth and women groups was held at Mavoko CDF offices, KMC – AthiRiver.

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