Matungulu parliamentary aspirant urges government to build more classes and supply desks

Philip Munyao addressing residents at a funeral in Matungulu. (Photo -Juline/Mauvoo)

The government has been asked to build more classrooms as well as supply more desks to schools during this period that learners have resumed their lessons after a long period of closing schools due to Covid-19 pandemic.

Speaking at a burial in Ngonda, Matungulu Subcounty of Machakos County, Philip Munyao a leader in the area said it was sad to see students taking their lessons outside classes due to inadequate space and also sitting on grass rather than desks asking the government to supply schools with desks as well as masks.

“Our kids are being taught outside in the verandah due to social distance they can fit in a class. I want to ask the government through the Ministry of Education if they are able, these kids even if they are from the grassroots they are just like any other kids, let the government provide desks for them so they can learn comfortably and stop sitting on the grass as well provide for them masks for them to wear in school it is sad for a kid to be sent home because of a mask, ” he said.

Social distancing has been a nightmare in many schools because of an increase in students intake this term where a spot check by Mauvoo News in different schools has shown that even though the students are being screened upon entry and wearing face masks as well as handwashing, most of the classes are congested.

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