Matungulu MP threatens to lead Mother of all demonstrations

Matungulu MP Stephen Mule has threatened to lead demos over the state of the collapsed Ol-donyo Sabuk bridge.

During a service at St. Martin Matuu Ma Mwiitu Catholic Church, Mule spoke out against the government’s inaction in repairing the vital bridge connecting Matungulu and Kiambu County.

The Ol-donyo Sabuk bridge collapsed weeks ago due to floodwaters and has plunged the community into chaos.

 Businesses are struggling, and children’s access to education is endangered as they navigate treacherous waters to reach school.

The lawmaker has given the government until Wednesday to provide a plan for the bridge’s repair, failure to meet this deadline could result in Mule leading protests to demand action.

“If by Wednesday we will not have gotten a conclusive answer about the reconstruction of Ol-donyo Sabuk bridge I will lead a mother of all demos, something that has never been witnessed,” said Mule.

The situation has escalated beyond a mere infrastructure issue; it now threatens the livelihoods and safety of the Matungulu community.

Recently the locals built a makeshift bridge to help children cross but it was also carried by water.

Mule didn’t hesitate to castigate the government for using taxpayers’ money on luxury while ignoring the biting needs of Kenyans.

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