Matungulu MP advises youths on why they are not being picked during KDF and police recruitment

Matungulu MP Stephen Mule with a section of MCAs from Matungulu. (Photo - Juline/Mauvoo)

Matungulu MP Stephen Mutinda Mule has spoken to the youth on several reasons that could be making them miss on police and KDF recruitment.

According to Mule, Youths desiring to join the KDF or Kenya Police should ensure that when registering for their ID cards that the names they register match the ones on their certificates.

Addressing the press, Matungulu MP Stephen Mutinda Mule said that during the KDF recruitment exercise in Matungulu most of the recruits were told to go home because the names they had on their certificates did not align with the ones on their IDs.

“We saw KDF recruitment exercise in Matungulu was well done but we need to talk to each other as parents, teachers, and children because of our future, first of all, I would like to ask students who are in form four when registering for your KCSE exams to use the names that are on your certificate to ensure that they align to the ones on your identification card, we have seen many people did not qualify for the recruitment as the names on their certificates did not align to the ones on their IDs, ” he said.

Mule issued a warning to parents who had planned to give out bribes so that their children may be recruited in the forces saying that when one is caught he or she was going to face the full arm of the Law.

“Those parents who think they are going to use the back door and see officers so they can bribe them if found giving out a bribe you will be arrested because there is no room for bribes and if you know someone who has done so report immediately and I wonder if you can afford 300,000 to bribe why can’t you use the same and open up a business for your child instead of wasting money illegally, ” Mule said.

Several youths who have been engaging in the consumption of miraa were also left out during the KDF recruitment exercise. The drug is becoming the most abused in the different towns in the Lower Eastern region.

Kenya Defence Forces recruitment has been ongoing in the country with the Kenya police service recruitment expected to start on Monday 22nd February 2021.

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