Matungulu MCA reveals status of Machakos County Ambulances

A photo of an Ambulance belonging to Machakos County. (Photo credit - Mauvoo)

Machakos County Assembly Health committee chair Cosmus Ngula has revealed the status of Machakos County Ambulances. Ngula who is also the Matungulu East MCA was speaking during a special County Assembly sitting.

According to the health committee chair, 18 Machakos ambulances are not operational out of the initial 70 ambulances purchased by the County Government of Machakos in 2014. Thus only 52 are operational.

In Matungulu sub county, there are nine Ambulances and one is not operational, in Kangundo there are five – all operational, kathiani has four that are all operational, Machakos Subcounty has seven but two were involved in an accident at Kyangala and Machakos town but they are currently being repaired.

Mavoko sub county had seven but two were involved in an accident at Mlolongo and Athiriver. In Masinga out of the nine available ambulances only one is not working due to a mechanical problem. Mwala sub county has 13, 4 have mechanical problems and 2 had accidents at Miu and Ngomano. Yatta has 8 ambulances but one was involved in an accident.

According to the Matungulu East MCA, there is need for Machakos County Executive to implement the resolution by the county assembly last week that management of the ambulances be done at the sub county level for better response when there are emergencies and also for efficiency.

According to Hon. Ngula who spoke to Mauvoo news then, the motion will see Minor repairs and the maintenance of the Machakos Ambulances moved to the sub county level. Fuelling is also set to done from a petrol station within the sub county.

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