Matungulu boys students storm out of school, say they are tired of learning

Matungulu Boys High school in Machakos County. Students on Wednesday stormed out of the school saying they are tired of learning. (Photo credit-Juline/Mauvoo)

90 students from Matungulu Boys High School in Kangundo Subcounty of Machakos County stormed out of school last night saying they are tired of learning.

According to some of the students who were found in a nearby market, they registered for KCSE and did not see it worthy of being in school unless they were coming to sit their KCSE.

“We have registered for the exam and we do not want to study anymore, we were at home waiting to come back and do our national exams not to be taught again,” one of the boys told our reporter.

Speaking to Mauvoo News this morning, Matungulu Boys principal Joseph Makau narrated how the students start a go-slow at the start of the week where they even went on hunger strike so that they could be released to go home and on Wednesday evening they stormed out of school.

He further revealed that during the closure of schools due to Covid-19 many of the students engaged in drug and substance abuse thus causing them to portray undisciplined behavior urging parents to discipline their children back at home and watch out for the company they are keeping.

“These students started having a go slow yesterday and they stormed out of school because they did not want to sit for the CATs but during this time the schools have been closed many students have been influenced and parents should discipline their children, ” Matungulu Boys principal added.

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