Matungulu aspirant comes to the rescue of hundreds of parents with birth certificates

Philip Munyao addressing residents at Kyakatulu village in Matungulu sub-county after issuing birth certificates (photo credit -Juline)

Hundreds of parents from Kyakatulu village, Matungulu have something to smile about. This is after one of the aspirants in the constituency Philip Munyao came through for them with birth certificates.

Munyao issued more than a hundred birth certificates to the residents as a way of helping them when registering for their children’s examinations noting that education needed to be prioritized.

“I have given close to 100 birth certificates to parents so that the ones who are having school going kids do not have trouble registering for their exams, education is key and if one is educated then our community will be well off and we won’t be fighting poverty in the area,” he said.
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With the rise of abandonment of newborns in Matungulu sub-county parents especially youths, they were cautioned against the habit of giving birth and throwing their newborn babies.

He said that if one is not able to take care of a newborn they should take them to authorities or reach out to leaders or family members.

“I want to urge parents when you give birth to a baby even if it’s by mistake don’t throw the child away, that child is an angel if you are not capable of taking care of the child you can ask help from the government, leaders or even relatives to help in the upbringing of the baby,” said the youthful leader.

On Sunday a preterm baby was found by locals thrown at a dustbin in Tala market near Matungulu sub-county offices. This sent shock waves to locals given that two days before the incident another newborn of two months was found in a thicket around Katangini in the same sub-county.

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