Matungulu 2022 parliamentary race heats up as one more aspirant declares interest

Peter Mutiso at a past function. He has declared interest in the Matungulu parliamentary seat. (Photo credit -Courtesy)

About 15 months to the 2022 general election, Matungulu constituency seems to have started its succession politics early. With the incumbent MP Stephen Mule being in his second term several people have shown interest in the seat.

The latest aspirant to join the race is Peter Kilonzo Mutiso, a middle-aged man from Nguluni in Matungulu West ward.

In an interview with Mauvoo News Mutiso said that he had been in the political arena for quite some time and he had made the decision to vie for the seat as a way of giving back to the community noting that there were so many gaps in the current leadership.

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“I have seen gaps in our constituency, many things we can do that have not been done and there is so much potential that is unexploited such as potential in business expansion, development of schools, road network and funding bodaboda SACCOs and as a constituency, we have not been benefited from such,” he said.

Mutiso who holds a Masters in Strategic Management and Leadership has been involved in community projects around the constituency as well as in the county.

He is among the founders of Nguluni S.A Secondary before it was taken over by the government a project that spurred growth in Nguluni as well impact knowledge in lots of students who have enrolled in the area.

Other candidates interested in the seat is Philip Munyao, David Mwithi, Thomas Musau among others with the incumbent also declaring interest.

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