Masongaleni residents ask Government to intervene on mysterious disease killing livestock


Residents of Masongaleni in Kibwezi Sub-county of Makueni county have called upon the government to intervene and save them from a mysterious disease killing their livestock.

The farmers drawn from Ngomeni, Yikitaa, Yikivuthi, and Utini told Mauvoo News that the livestock start by having severe coughing and body weakness before dying.

They called on the Department of Agriculture in Makueni County to help them understand the disease and know which drugs to use.

“We have a problem in our area, our livestock start by coughing and in the morning they look weak such that they can’t walk on their own. We are forced to lift some of them up and we think it’s because of this disease that we are yet to identify,” said a farmer.

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He said it’s possible the disease was caused by dry grass that the livestock fed on.

“In Kamba, we call it Muthingithu and could have been caused by the dry grass that was fed to the livestock,” he noted.

According to another farmer, Simon Mulei they are unable to buy drugs for their animals and asked the government to chip in.

“Many of us can’t afford to buy drugs for the animals they are so expensive. We would appreciate it if our animals would be checked and given drugs,” said Mulei.

“We need an expert to educate us on the issue and how to treat it and avoid it,” he added.

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