Masinga MP: My house was almost torched over Finance bill

Masinga MP Joshua Mwalyo has revealed shocking threats to burn down his house over the finance bill.

Mwalyo was absent during the voting on the controversial bill in Parliament thus causing his constituents to feel betrayed.

Speaking to the media, Mwalyo recounted the harrowing experience, explaining how he and other concerned lawmakers urgently appealed to the president, urging him not to sign the bill. 

Their intervention came amid nationwide violence and unrest, with citizens suffering significant losses.

“We have a president who listens. We, as lawmakers, also heed the voices of the people. We went to State House and discussed the issue thoroughly with the president. Some of us, including myself, faced direct threats of arson.” Mwalyo said.

In response to the mounting pressure, the President decided to withdraw the bill, a move Mwalyo praised for prioritizing the safety and well-being of citizens.

 “We saw it fit to protect Mwananchi first and address development concerns later. Dialogue with opponents of the bill is essential,” he added.

However, Mwalyo warned of the financial consequences of the bill’s withdrawal. 

The decision could mean forfeiting 220 million shillings intended for paying junior secondary school interns and 50 million shillings per constituency for grassroots electricity access.

This dramatic turn of events highlights the intense public sentiment surrounding the finance bill and underscores the volatile intersection of politics and public opinion in Kenya.

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