Man Hacks Parents to death in Makueni Over Land


A middle-aged man from Eka in Mukaa sub-county of Makueni county on Wednesday morning attacked and hacked his parents to death.

The man who was not identified immediately is said to have killed his 100-year-old father with a Panga while he was in the kitchen.

The mother aged 96 who saw the act decided to run for her life but the man was fast and caught up with her on the farm and killed her too.

According to reports the motive of his actions was based on land squabbles. His father was planning on subdividing his land amongst his children.

The man was furious when he found out that even his sisters were going to be given land.

After committing the cruel act the man attempted killing himself by sliding his throat with a knife.

“He cut them with a new panga. His dad was in the kitchen where the man attacked him and cut him on the head until he died,” said the witness.

“While his mother tried to escape the man followed her and hacked her to death on the farm. He tried to cut his own throat and kill himself but residents were fast to save him, he is in his 70s,” he added.

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