Man goes mad, dies in Kitui after taking ‘Ngata’ oath


Shock engulfed one family in Nyaani, Mwingi East sub-county of Kitui county after the death of their kin. Apparently, the man who was not identified immediately is said to have gone mad and later died after taking Ngata, a famous Kamba traditional anti-witchcraft oath.

The man had been accused by his family of being behind the death of some of his family members. They forced him to take the oath where he ran mad and died while being rushed to the hospital.

Mauvoo news established that the man’s wife also went mad after taking the same oath.

Ngata is a Kamba oath that is believed to be a crime buster. The oath consists of goat blood and waste from its intestines offered to people by witch doctors.

It is believed to draw out the truth in both the accused and complaint and commonly used in the Kamba community.

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