Man found exhuming nephew’s remains in Makueni arrested


Police in Makueni have arrested a 32-year-old man found attempting to exhume his nephew’s remains. The incident took place in Katung’uli village, Mbooni west sub-county.

According to the area assistant chief Justus Mutinda, it’s not known why the man committed the act. Mutinda revealed that by the time the family accosted the man identified as Ndeto Kiema he had taken out the child’s skull from the grave.

The chief said that the man has been causing trouble to the family and the neighbors. Chief Mutinda told Mauvoo New that the suspect is held at Mbumbuni police station as the police try to fathom his reasons for the exhumation.

The family of the deceased has since been advised according to the Kamba believes to slaughter a sheep and bury back the kid’s remains so that the deceased can continue resting in peace.

“They have been told what to do, slaughter a sheep and sprinkle the blood on the grave then bury the kid again. That way the deceased will continue resting in peace,” Chief Mutinda added.

The child had been buried in September 2014.

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