Malombe decries deteriorating health care in Kitui county

A past photo of former Kitui Governor Julius Malombe. (Photo credit - Courtesy)

Former Kitui Governor Julius Malombe has decried deteriorating health care in Kitui County. Malombe spoke during a funeral in Wikililye, Mulango ward Saturday.

“It is leaders who speak on behalf of people. We have lost a lot of people who go to Kitui referral hospital, Kanziku, Mwingi and they die while they are not supposed to.” The former Governor said.

“The items that are supposed to be in hospitals are no there. When I was elected we received 5 billion but now it is 10 billion. I know our senator was here and spoke on the issue and we must emphasize it as we bury a man like this. We want our Kitui hospitals to be equipped as they should.” He added.

Malombe insisted patients should not move out of Kitui county to get access to health care.

“Our hospitals need drugs, we also need PPEs for our healthcare workers so that they don’t fear patients when they come to hospitals. We need oxygen as well.”

Malombe’s remarks come just a week after Aljazeera correspondent Catherine Wambua lost her father at Kitui referral Hospital. His father Joseph Wambua a former assistant police commissioner, failed to be admitted because there was no PPE kit and nurses were afraid to attend to him. He had breathing difficulties.

During the burial of the late Nzamba Kitonga. Makueni Senator Mutula Kilonzo Junior took a swipe at Governors for failing in health care.

“Kenyans are suffering because of poor medical care. A senior counsel would drive all the way to Machakos where he was pronounced dead yet he would receive medical care anywhere on the road. Jameni tumeanguka as a country. The same thing happened to Ken Walibora. In 2020, someone can drive 120 km to get oxygen. I am going to say something about that to my Governors and the state. This is a serious issue. When we speak about it We don’t speak until somebody dies and it is unfortunate.” Mutula at the funeral said.

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