Malombe clears the air on relationship with Kitui County Assembly

Kitui Governor Dr. Julius Malombe has cleared the air on the relationship between the Executive and the Kitui County Assembly.

The Governor speaking at Katuka in Mumoni ward, Mwingi North during the memorial service of the late John Kanani, the father to Deputy Governor Wambua Kanani, said that they are working together with the Assembly.

He pointed out that there is no pending issue that the Assembly was mandated to do and failed adding that the Assembly led by Speaker Kevin Kinengo has never attempted to sabotage the Executive.

“The Executive led by Malombe and Kanani has no issue with the County Assembly of Kitui because all the things that we have brought to their attention they have taken the required time to look at it because they are not supposed to rubber stamp everything. There is no single thing we are saying is lying at the County Assembly,” the Kitui boss stated.

He further trashed his distractors who have been pointing fingers at the Assembly by claiming that it was sabotaging his government. He asked them to look for other things to accuse the Assembly because they are working in collaboration with the Executive.

“If you hear some people talking while drinking tea or in beer dens that the County Executive is not working with the County Assembly ignore them and tell them to stop dragging the Executive into problems,” he added.

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Addressing the issue of an attempt by a section of MCAs to impeach their Speaker, Malombe stated that it is a small misunderstanding that can be easily solved and that the row has nothing to do with the executive.

“It is just a small problem, we will solve it. Nothing much at all,” Governor Malombe stated.

Speaker Kinengo said that they have a good working relationship with the Executive adding that there are outside forces that want the County Assembly to be divided.

“There is no single thing that the Governor brought to our attention and we failed to execute it. Few outside forces are using some of the MCAs to divide us, we call our senior leaders to be at the forefront in advocating for dialogue,” Speaker Kinengo Katisya stated.

2 weeks ago a motion was presented in the Assembly seeking to impeach the Speaker. However, both the Majority and Minority sides distanced themselves from the motion. Missed the story? check it out below;

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