Makueni Women Rep Museo decries rivals calling her ‘Kiwete’

Makueni Women Representative Rose Museo has expressed concern over competitors using her injury to gain political mileage by calling her ‘Kiwete’.

Addressing the press Museo noted that no one wishes to be involved in an accident and it is very inconsiderate for her rivals to do politics based on her disability.

“I was normal like you. Walking well like you, those people going round calling me disabled tell them to stop because it’s not okay because no one wishes to be involved in an accident or be disabled,” she noted.

She urged her political nemesis to sell their agenda and manifesto arguing that her injury should be no ones political agenda.

“Let them tell the people of Makueni what they will do if elected not telling people how fat and old I am. Who says I am fat yet my husband calls me baby in the morning,”she added jokingly.

She noted that in her two terms she concentrated on empowering women using NGAAF and urged locals to shun claims about the tanks she gives out which her competitors claim should be free and no women group should pay for them.

“We gave them tanks, tents, and other things because the women had been forgotten. There is a lot of politics going round the projects but I would like to ask you to shun all of them. Bodaboda guys don’t feel left behind because I have a great plan that will benefit you,” Museo went on.

Museo at first had chosen to vie for the Makueni Gubernatorial seat before reconsidering and choosing to defend the Women Rep seat for the third time.

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