Makueni transport committee on the spot over 39 million

A past photo of a Makueni MCAs. The transport and infrastructure committee was put on the spot after failing to avail response from the roads department on how 39 million was used for road repairs and maintenance in the 2019/2020 FY (Photo - Courtesy)

The Makueni County Assembly on Thursday put on the spot its Transport and Infrastructure committee. The committee chaired by Mbooni MCA Alex Mulemba failed to respond on how the County Department of Transport and Infrastructure had used 39 million. The funds had been set aside to repair roads and improve roads in the county.

On the 20th February 2020, Nzaui/Kilili/Kalamba MCA Julius Mutula requested a statement on the non-implementation of County roads funded by the fuel levy fund in the 2019/2020 financial year.

The Transport and Infrastructure Committee shocked the house when they said they did not have the report. MCA Julius Mutula said that it was worrying that the Mulemba led committee was sleeping on their job.

Kikumbulyu MCA Jackson Mbalu took a swipe at the Transport committee for defending the executive after they failed to give them a response.

“We are asking and following about them because they are of interest to the electorate. Are they in order to stand and look like they are defending the executive on this? He should be the one going on their neck to bring a response to the house.”Mbalu said.

“The role of this house is oversight above the other roles and the only way it is done is through the sectoral committees. When the chair starts lamenting and siding with the executive by saying they need more time it is worrying.”

While speaking in the house, the Mbooni MCA who chairs the committee said that the executive had requested 7 more days.

“Mr. Speaker, the report is not ready. The committee had requested information from the CECM who in his response requested for 7 additional days to provide the information.” Mbalu said.

Makueni Deputy Speaker Harrison Mutie who chaired the session gave the committee 7 days to conclude with the report and table it before the house.

“That should not be taken as an excuse by this house. The committee is failing by not responding to the questions raised in this house. The department is not working on the ground, roads are not being graded. There is an outcry across Makueni. In fact, this is suicidal.” The deputy speaker added.

Last week, The MCAs passed a motion that requires the Department of Transport and Infrastructure to allocate sufficient funds in the 2020/2021 budget to repair and maintain roads in the hilly areas of the County.

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