Makueni received Face masks before procuring them at 85 shillings each – Auditor General


The Auditor-General in a special report on the county Government’s utilization of the Covid-19 Emergency funds has questioned how 30,000 surgical facemasks were received in Makueni county even before the procurement process began. As of October 2020, the county had received 246 million for the covid-19 response.

According to the report, On the 7th May 2020, Dr. Mwatha Stephen requested the purchase of 10,000 surgical masks for use in health facilities. The requisition was approved by Dr. Musyoki Kibwana Chief officer health on the same day.

Three bidders; Marymeli consolidated Enterprise, Planet Telesource ventures, and Mbimbini merchants submitted quotations. Mbimbini merchants the lowest won the contract at 850,000. The supplier delivered the masks on 28th May and they were checked and verified by the inspection committee.

However, according to the stores’ record, the masks were received on 22nd April 2 weeks before the procurement process for the same began.

In another similar instance, on the 8th of June Dr. Mwatha requisitioned 20,000 more surgical masks. The process was conducted and a supplier System Guru Investment was the lowest bidder with 1.7million. Other bidders included; Kamakirr Limited and Royal Destiny Investments Ltd.

The supplier delivered the 20,000 facemasks on 25th June 2020 but according to the report, a review of the store’s record revealed the items were received on 24th June as per bin card number 1319870.

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Some of the other concerns raised in the special report are;

The county did not have approved budgets for utilization of frontline health workers allowances amounting to 58 million.

The county had also unutilized 115 million from the National Government thus exposing the public funds to money risks.

The county received donations from Slovak Embassy, KCB Foundation, and other well-wishers. However, they did not value the donations and disclose them in financial statements in compliance with the law.

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