Makueni Principals express their fears as 8.4.4 system is phased out

The 8.4.4 system is phasing out and being replaced by the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC).

A section of principals from Makueni have however laid out their fears as the education system gets changed by the year 2025.

John Tuke, Mukaa Boys principal revealed that many schools are trying to adjust to the change.

Tuke said he plans on increasing the intake of Form ones after 2025 to fill the gap left.

However, if the double enrolment fails to happen many board teachers will be rendered jobless.

“If we will not achieve a double enrolment then we will be forced to lay off the board teachers and as well some of the workers in the school,” he said.

His sentiments were seconded by neighboring school Mukaa girls principal Elizabeth Mutinda who asked the government to chip in and ensure there is no gap left in senior secondary.

Otherwise, there would be a lot of challenges for all the schools in the country.

Agnes Ithiga, Principal of St. Theresa Mbooni Girls urged the Government to move grade 9 to secondary schools to fill the gap.

This year the pioneers of CBC joined junior secondary schools that were domiciled in the primary school.

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