Police officer Nancy Njeri pleads not guilty to murder charges

Lawyers led by LSK President Nelson Havi addressing the press outside Machakos Law courts Tuesday. (Photo Credit - Juline/Mauvoo)

Makueni police officer Nancy Njeri who was accused of murdering lawyer Onesmus Masaku last month has pleaded not guilty to murder charges at Machakos high court.

Appearing before high court judge David Kemei Nancy Njeri’s mental examination results were presented before the court and her charges were read to her. She was found of sound mind before she pleaded not guilty.

The court ordered her to be remanded at Machakos G.K prison and appear before the court on 24th November so that the court can settle on her bond terms as well as the protection of the witnesses.

Law Society of Kenya president Nelson Havi who was present during the hearing of the case asked the judiciary to fast track the case as many lawyers have died ruthlessly and yet the cases are yet to be solved.

“We as lawyers we are saying it’s important for this case to be resolved as soon as possible because we have had cases such as this of lawyers that are lying in courts without being solved, ” he said.

During the burial of lawyer Onesmus Masaku, Nelson Havi said that as the law society of Kenya they were not going to entertain any delaying tactics from the judiciary concerning the murder of the lawyer.

“Because the judges are here I need to handle you a little, you shoulder big blame I say so because as I speak there are about 6 unresolved murder cases, half of them the suspects are police officers. What is happening, you see the scales of justice must balance, we shall not entertain that nonsense of delay tactics by the defence because it is your responsibility as the judge to take charge of your court. ” LSK president Nelson Havi added.

Lawyer Masaku died while receiving treatment at Kenyatta National hospital after his hands were slashed using a panga by Makueni police officer Nancy Njeri in unclear circumstances on the 7th of October.

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