Makueni nun isolated after failing to self-quarantine


A Makueni nun who travelled from Spain and arrived in the country on the 18th of March has been forcefully isolated after she failed to self-quarantine for 14 days according to the Government directives.

On arrival at the airport, Lilian Nthambi was received by her father Benedict Maweu, her mother and her 2 sisters. Lilian was accompanied by another lady who is also a nun at Calmette Nun cathedral in Machakos.

Temperature checks at the airport revealed that she was okay but she was advised to self-quarantine for 14 days which she failed to do.

Kitaingo Assistant chief Alex Musau reported to the police and a team of medics and police officers were dispatched to their Kiungwani Village where she was living with 10 family members in the same house where they have all been quarantined.

“She came from Spain and said she will self-quarantine and she did not do that. For now, our security and county administration is ensuring she does not leave where she is. We will follow up to see how she traveled from the airport and who she interacted with.” Kibwana said.

“This does not mean she is positive for coronavirus but we are just taking measures to ensure we do not have any problem going forward.” He added.

Another resident who came to Makindu has also been quarantined at his Athiriver home after having travelled from South Africa. The county is tracing who he interacted with so that they can ensure they quarantine.

Makueni health CECM Dr. Andrew Mulwa urged locals to continue giving information on residents who had travelled from abroad and failed to self-quarantine warning that they will be taken to court.

“This disease is dangerous as it spreads faster and if we don’t act it can reach 30 million people. We don’t have a health care system that can treat all those people at a time. The disease also has a case mortality of 3 percent which is a million people. I don’t think Kenya is ready to lose a million people. We can prevent this disease by following the guidelines given by the National and County Governments.” Mulwa said.

This comes as the government continues tracing people who interacted with a Rome-based Catholic priest Father Oduor who led a mass during a burial in Ugunja, travelled to and from Nairobi using public means and interacted with fellow priests in Siaya and Nairobi.

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