Makueni MP-elect reacts to rampant prostitution in Wote town

Makueni constituency MP-elect Susan Kiamba has expressed shock over the high rate of prostitution in Wote town.

Addressing journalists, Susan Kiamba said that it’s true times are hard but it is sad that young men and women were ‘selling’ themselves to make a living.

“There is something that has shocked me, mostly in this town of ours, it has weighed heavily on my heart and for some time I have seen it but had no idea it was this big. Young girls have ventured into prostitution to fend for themselves,”Susan said.

“If you look at this issue which has really broken me, you will know by the way they wink at each other and know where all this will end,” she added.

Kiamba said that the future of most youths was bleak and something needs to be done. During her campaigns, Kiamba had pledged to offer mentorship to the youth in a bid to prevent them from engaging in social vices.

She noted that many youths and more so students in schools were engaging in social vices without thinking about their future going down the drain.

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