Makueni farmers urge county to increase Mango buying prices


A section of farmers from Makueni county have called on the county government through the county’s fruit processor to increase the mango buying price to at least 35 shillings per Kilo from the current 15 shillings per Kilo of the fruit. According to the farmers 15 shillings per Kilo is too low as each mango attracts around 4 shillings.

The farmers who exclusively spoke to the Voice of Ukambani also thanked the county for the initiative which will see a decline in mango’s that are spoilt due to lack of market. The county government is working with local suppliers and cooperatives to purchase the mangoes in the current business arrangement.The plant has capacity to produce pulp from avocado and oranges as Mangoes are seasonal fruits and hence can’t sustain the plant ┬áby themselves.

According to the county government from next year 2019, the county will be procuring the mangoes directly from the farmers a move that is set to see the prices improve, the county is in the process of instituting the plant board. The Kalamba fruit processing plant began operations June last year and has a capacity of producing 3,000 liters of Mango puree per hour with a liter fetching between 100-200 shillings. The entire county of Makueni produces about 20,000 metric tonnes of Mango each season.

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