Makueni CEC Trade, Marketing, Industry, Culture, and Tourism – Who is Peter Nyamai?

Peter Nyamai was born in 1987 and raised in Ngamba village,  Nguumo Ward. He went to Nguumo Primary School and, after secondary school, Moi University, where he pursued Chemical and Process Engineering.

Nyamai’s mother was trading in charcoal when he was in Primary school and he identified an opportunity to start rearing rabbits. From the business, he generated interest among his peers and acquired entrepreneurship skills, and was able to see the challenges faced by traders.

 After graduating, Nyamai started as a graduate trainee in the Agro chemicals industry – Green land crop protection. He rose through the ranks to a Technical Manager and oversaw the growth of the company’s product portfolio. He also oversaw revenue growth from 800million to 1.8Billion a year in just 3 years.

He quit his job in 2015 to pursue entrepreneurship passion and community service and founded a company to provide solutions for rainwater harvesting, irrigation and through this, he got the opportunity for a Mandela fellowship in the USA where he received training from business executives and got exposure to the global arena

After the training, he got a grant and used skills from the fellowship to expand his company and co-found another company that deals with clean energy, and cold room solutions targeting farmers across the country. Nyamai also participated In the inaugural cohort of the Obama Foundation of African leaders 2018.

In 2019, he won the MIT- DLab Fellowship accelerator award for innovative action in solving pressing community needs.  His net worth is 48 Million. it’s contributed by shares, property, and land. He has a house in Nairobi, a house upcountry, and land that is not developed.

During his vetting, he promised to grow tourist attractions in areas with potential like Nziu, Thwake Dam, Forests, springs, and recreational places such as Wote Green park. Nyamai promised to create industrial parks and use solar energy to lower costs and build capacities of traders in the Kibwezi-Kitui and Mombasa road corridor.

On the fruit and grain value chain which already has existing infrastructure, he proposed Public-private partnerships or cooperatives to take over so as to run them like businesses. Nyamai also proposed to showcase products from Makueni and reach out to potential markets and ensure there is standardization.

He committed before the Appointments committee not to use county resources like vehicles for personal use while responding to queries of CECs who work in Makueni and commute to and from Nairobi daily.

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