Makueni Assembly passes motion establishing County tree planting day

Makueni County Assembly sepaker Douglas Mbilu. The Assembly passed a motion to establish an annual tree planting day. (Photo credit - Courtesy)

Makueni County Assembly today passed a motion seeking to establish a tree planting day annually in the county. The motion was sponsored by Mukaa Kitaingo ward MCA Engineer Joseph Muema and seconded by Janet Kitunga.

Muema who chairs the Environment and climate change Committee wants the relevant County Executive department to partner with Kenya Forest services and have a day set for residents to plant trees annually.

This is in a bid to divulge an environmental conservation culture in the county. Makueni residents on social media welcomed the motion stating that it was a good initiative that will increase forest cover.

“That bill came at the right time. I have to establish nursery beds of various varieties of trees now,” Gideon Sonko said.

Mutua Patrick added, “This is the way to go, building climate change resilience and adaptation among the citizens is the way to go. The county should also work on how to regulate the number of livestock, especially cows, as a way of ensuring sustainable livestock keeping.

“A good idea let us start with the current rains,” Nathan Muuo lauded the Makueni County Assembly.

However, some of the residents were concerned about how the trees will grow if rains don’t fall. Engineer Nzyoki said, “Congratulations muema and janet We support. My only concern is how we ensure that they do not dry up during the dry season.”

“I hope they know where to get water,” Winnie Mukosi added.

Makueni County is among the counties affected by deforestation. In July 2019, Environment and Forestry Cabinet Secretary Keriako Tobiko Fired Four Kenya Forest Service officers over illegal logging and charcoal burning in Kivale Forest. The sacked officials included; Chief inspector, Conservator, Enforcement Commander, and Forest Ranger.

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