Makau takes on Kawaya for failing to implement rural electrification


Mavoko MP Patrick Makau has taken a swipe at his Mwala Counterpart Eng. Vincent Musyoka Musau for failing to implement the rural electrification program despite him sitting in the National Assembly energy committee.

Makau questioned why many locals remained unconnected to electricity for more than 7 years with him being in the energy committee and a proponent of the deputy president Ruto.

Speaking at Mwala constituency, Makau questioned the Mwala MP why many most households were not connected to the grid despite there being the last mile connectivity program that was going to enable all residents to have electricity in their houses at a low price yet he claimed to be of hustler generation that was allied to the deputy president.

” You have supported Ruto for two terms and there was something called Last Mile Connectivity. People were being given electricity for as low as 1,500, if you are friends with that guy all these residents should have electricity in their homes because you call yourself hustlers. If you a hustler and you cannot bring electricity to this area for welders to weld their materials what type of hustler are you? Let us be realistic, ” Makau said.

Eng. Vincent Musyoka refuted the claims made by the Mavoko MP saying that he had connected most of the parts of Mwala constituency and that electricity did not involve Kalonzo Musyoka or William Ruto.

“I will break a record and say that since I got elected I connected more than 180 schools and Mawathe he is from here and can tell you that in the energy committee there is nothing to do with the Deputy President or Kalonzo Musyoka,” The Mwala MP added.

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