Makato wa Yumbe reveals how 11 demons help him compose songs


Makato Wa Yumbe is a Kamba Benga Musician who hails from waita in Mwingi, Kitui county. The artist who is popularly known for his hit song Nuukinywa ni ngali usyaisye mundumuka (You will be hit by a car while staring at a woman) has so far recorded 12 volumes with his latest Tamaa ya fisi released in March this year.

The father of four shocked listeners this year after he claimed that he has 11 demons which help him compose his songs.”They give me the songs, I just go to the studio to record.” he said.

This is not unusual because many benga artist claim so however his number his alarming. Further he has named all of them as Matuto after his grandfather, Muvingo, Masonge, Matindi, kakiro, Setuka, kiko, nzuli among others.

The singer explained that between 2015 and 2017 he did not record any song and at an interview at Musyi fm in March this year he claimed that his demons had a fight and disagreed and so he had to beg and appease them. He plays the solo guitar and he says one of the demons Matuto fled with it.

He went ahead to say that he wouldn’t want them excorsed from him. He however admitted that he takes bhang but denied that it’s the effect of bhang that influences his way of speaking.

Makato has severally confessed to be a musical genius saying that no one taught him how to play musical instruments. He revealed that he has not added more demons as they have hard to meet requirements. “some of them take bhang, others tobacco and they at times fight seriously.”

The artist is always spotted carrying a bag and he says the bag carries his secrets. His favorite demon is Matuto as it has helped him compose the largest number of songs. Many of his fans envy his exemplary skills when he plays the guitar.

Below is one of his hit songs;

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