Major blow as Muthama’s aide accuses him of dictatorship and resigns

A past photo of Johnson Muthama aide Ben Metho and Deputy President William Ruto. (Photo -Courtesy)

Former Machakos Senator Johnson Muthama’s camp has suffered a major blow after one of his aides Ben Metho junior deserted him.

Mauvoo news got an exclusive interview with Metho who divulged that the reason why he cut ties with Muthama was because of his “dictatorship.”

He said that Muthama has been running a one-man show and refused to listen to reason. According to Metho, Muthama doesn’t listen to any advice and chooses to do things his way.

“He only sees you as an employee and your opinion or views are not considered at all. He runs a one man’s show, he is a dictator, and politics of threat and entitlement are long gone,” he said.

He disclosed due to that a lot of people have fled Muthama and many will too leaving his camp empty. Metho added that this was among the reasons why UDA lost in the Machakos senatorial by-election.

“Kalonzo set a bait for him and he fell for it, biting it with his teeth. He made the elections a family affair and the results were those embarrassing votes we got,” he said.

He argued that he could not stay somewhere where he was an advisor but his ideas and views were not considered.

Nonetheless he took time to leave stating that he had to wait until the by-elections were over.

“As a captain you can’t leave a sinking ship to find the rescue boat. I had to stay until it’s over,” noted Metho.

The political scientist who has schooled in the United States further said for now he will be searching in a bid to find his next political home.

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