Maima praises Kaewa Superstars, reveals why he plays his songs live

Celebrated Kamba Benga artist Alphonse Kioko commonly known as Maima revealed why he has been playing Kaewa Superstars songs live on stage.

While speaking to online media, Maima said that Brian MJ of Kaewa Superstars is a talented artist who needs support from older artists and that’s why he has been playing his songs live on stage to motivate him. He said that he has been listening to his songs and has seen that Brian will go far in his music journey.

“When I listen to his songs, I feel that the young man is going far in his career if he won’t mess up his life. So far Kaewa Superstars is doing well from when I started listening to his songs and he has high dreams and hopes of going far as it is exhibited in the songs he has composed,” Maima revealed.

Maima praised Kaewa saying that he is a humble person who interacts with people in a mature manner and that made him to have a thought of supporting him through his music journey. He added that playing his songs live on stage as was witnessed on 7th June 2024 when Maima played Kaewa’s song called ‘Mwiitu wa Mbiti’ during Athiani FM Night at Garden Hotel in Machakos, is a way of encouraging him.

“I was impressed with how he conducts himself and treats other people, the young man is full of respect and as it has been my norm, when I see someone having respect for others while acting in decorum, I’m always willing to help them. I want to show the young man that the difference between me and him is the experience in my music journey but the guitar he uses is the same as the one I also use,” Maima stated.

Maima affirmed that he will continue supporting Kaewa Superstar by guiding him through his music journey to see him become a top Benga artist like him (Maima).

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