Maima hits Ken Maria below the belt in his latest song

The ‘beef’ between Kamba Benga Artists Kithungo Raha Maima and Ken Maria is far from over. Maima has released his latest song Nzou which hits Ken Maria below the belt.

Although Maima doesn’t expressly mention Ken Maria, the song is believed to target Ken because of his famous song Kavaluku keeiwe ni Nzou.

“You have never built a home but you pretend to know it all, you don’t have a house yet you are a big artist Nzou, you don’t have a piece of land yet you have been in the industry for some time. You are educated why haven’t you gotten a job, You know it all, why didn’t you get votes? An artist like you just getting 20 votes?” The song begins (translated from Kamba).

Ken Maria vied for MCA in the 2017 elections and Maima is believed to be referring to that time.

“A big artist like you, why didn’t you get votes? You claim to have money, why didn’t you buy votes? Why are you so hated by people from your home area? You said they stole your votes, why didn’t you go to court then? If you are man enough you would have won the seat.” Maima continues in the song.

“Stop pride and go and teach yourself how to play the solo guitar, it is competition time. Try to build a house even if it’s a traditional hat. Join the church near you and repent all the sins you have done because you don’t go to church.” The song goes on.

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Below are some reactions from fans;

Lucas Kenya said, “Showbiz iliweza no beef just hustling congrats Maima and for the new eastern face.”

Kenny Bizzoh said,” Wueeeh Wakamba Showbiz Tunaipiga KiNetflix, hakuna Fiction. Noma Sana.”

Caro Lina said, “I will always be team Maima. Lakini Munaa walika na uthuku eti kura mbao. This one is a diss to Ken but kiambe ou …The sound and the video quality is amazing.”

Maurine Ndanu said, “Maima never disappoint usitishwe me personally nilikupenda bure muwetaa nzou myau bure kabisa.”

Esborn Mutua said,”Respect muhimu broo!! Respect your elder brothers, maanzoni kuyulaa munaa!!!!”

On Thursday, artist Kithungo Raha Maima was taken off stage at a Kitengela club by Ken maria’s fans after he allegedly insulted Ken. Missed the story? Check it out below;

The video;

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