Machakos Women groups demonstrate over NGAAF officer

Machakos women group leaders demanding the dismissal of the NGAAF head in the county Nadhif Duba. (Photo credit - Raphael/Mauvoo)

Over 40 women group leaders Thursday held peaceful demonstrations in the streets of Machakos town and later stormed offices of the National Government Affirmative Action Fund (NGAAF), demanding the dismissal of the NGAAF head in the county Nadhif Duba.

They termed her as arrogant, unfriendly and unfaithful in delivering services to people of Machakos county.

They also claimed that she has been undermining development in the county through the NGAAF saying they are not being served well when they come to seek services in her office.

“We are from Muvuti CBO in Kiima Kimwe. We contributed money for water tanks, like me I took money from my husband to buy a tank and he has been demanding his money saying I cheated him to misuse his money. Why are you defaming the name of Mheshimiwa? Kamene is a good person. We want this lady to be removed from office and her position be filled by somebody else who can understand the women of Machakos county,” one of the women leaders said.

“She cannot understand anything because, for example, an old woman asks her” wakya” in Kamba she cannot understand what that means. meaning the woman will not be attended to.” she narrated.

Machakos Women representative Kamene Kasimbi addressing the press said that the NGAAF officer Nadhif Duba has been unfair in delivering services adding that she been delaying to sign documents needed so that women in Machakos county benefit with tanks.

“I have tried to talk to her but she doesn’t change, especially on table banking I should have launched that money and be given cheques so that I deliver to those groups but that was not the case. I am going to follow further up for this lady to be sacked,” said Kasimbi.

“Bursaries here have taken more than six months without being disbursed. Why is that the case?. She does not understand Kamba and old women cannot communicate to her,” Kamene added.

In October 2019, 741 water tanks were issued to different Community-Based Organizations within the county.

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