Machakos woman finally buried after being in mortuary for 17 years

Esther Kitivo a woman who had stayed in the morgue for over 17 years being laid to rest in Kalama over the weekend. (Photo - Courtesy)

Esther Kitivo a woman who passed on 17 years ago and her body has been at the mortuary since then because of land disputes was finally laid to rest over the weekend in Mbuani, Kalama.

Esther was laid to rest at her last borns home. She was married as the first wife then and had 2 other co-wives. When she passed on in August 2004, her children wanted her to be buried where the husband was buried.

Michael Musau Kitivo, Esther’s son mourned her mother as someone who valued education and a peaceful person despite being married together with 2 other women.

“She wanted us to be educated and could not stand any of us missing school. She taught us going to church and when 2 other women were married she cooperated with them and taught us that as well. She never discriminated the children from the other wives but treated them as her own.” Michael said.

Those who spoke at the funeral called on families to have unity, respect, and love. Security at the funeral was beefed up with the police keeping guard.

“If you are a second or third wife, respect the first wife. That way incidents such as this will not be seen. Land disputes will not end, we will die and leave this land here. We have laid him to rest in a very small piece of land. But she has rested.” One of the sons said.

Speaking after the funeral Dr. Julius Manthi, senior Pastor Deliverance Church who was her pastor mourned her as a Matriarch and an “Excellent mama” and he was happy that she was finally laid to rest.

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