Machakos Senatorial aspirants cry foul over UDA opinion poll, blame MPS for interference


A section of aspirants allied to the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) have cried foul over the opinion poll conducted to determine the most popular amongst them. Urbanus Muthama Ngengele was declared the winner in the poll and is set to be handed the ticket.

According to one of the three aspirants who spoke to Mauvoo News on condition of anonymity, they started suspecting foul play when Urbanus Muthama flagged by Mwala MP and Machakos Town MP met Deputy President William Ruto separately a day after all the other aspirants met Ruto.

According to another aspirant, they agreed on a scientific opinion poll but they were surprised to see Mwala MP Eng Vincent Musyoka Musau bragging about the outcome early this week revealing that he was going to ensure Urbanus Muthama got the ticket come what may. Below is a screenshot of chats by the Mwala MP in a Whatsapp group – Mwala leaders forum handed to us by one of the aspirants.

The aspirants concerns were that the MP should not have taken sides but should have waited for the aspirant who would have emerged the winner. In another conversation, the MP said he would pull his last cards on the Machakos Senatorial race on Thursday ( 14th January).

Another female aspirant revealed how they were surprised to hear some local radio stations declaring Urbanus Muthama as the winner Wednesday while even none of the aspirants had gotten to know the results.

“As early as Wednesday, I was surprised to hear 2 local radio stations declaring Urbanus Muthama as the winner. None of us knew the results. How did the media get access to the poll results? There is something not adding up here.” She questioned.

“Some of us were not even in the poll yet we had declared interest in the seat. Why would our names be left out?” She added.

Concerns were also raised on how the sampling frame was reached. The aspirants revealed to Mauvoo News that they had not been told of the research methodology.

The runners-up former Machakos Deputy Governor Bernard Kiala has since conceded and supported Urbanus Muthama but the majority of the other aspirants have remained silent.

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