Machakos Senator urges clergy to reject ‘dirty’ offering


Machakos Senator Boniface Kabaka has asked religious leaders to reject money associated with graft more so from politicians. He spoke on Saturday in Kabaa, Mwala, Machakos County. Kabaka said that some corrupt leaders are hiding in church.

The Senator added that this politicians bring huge amounts of money to blind and woo the church on their side. “Sometimes back I was at Kiima Kimwe Catholic church in a fundraiser. I told the father and I want our father to follow this. Anyone who steals and brings money to the church should know that the money will not be of help.”

According to the legislator, if possible politicians bringing huge amounts of money should take oaths to confirm the money is not proceed of corruption. This will ensure sanctity in places of worship.

“Anyone bringing ‘dirty’ money to the church should not be welcomed. If possible they should be given a Bible to swear that the money they have brought is ‘clean’,” said Kabaka.

Kabaka also urged Kenyans to support the president in the fight against corruption citing that he is surrounded by cartels fighting the graft agencies.

“The president is trying as much as he can to fight corruption which has taken root in the country. Money is lost in various sectors and despite the presence of bodies to corruption there’s no milestone achieved, “said Kabaka.

“That’s why this corruption is confusing. We have been taken round and told there are integrated institutions to make follow up. When money come like 65 billion for dams, its stolen. Then people begin running around defending. What are they defending?”

He further asked leaders who think they are not corrupt to keep calm and wait for the relevant bodies conduct their investigations.

“This son of Kenyatta and Ngina is in a lot of problems because people are stealing. He is surrounded by thieves. During the devolution conference he asked anyone with evidence that he has stolen to take it t Karura.”

“If he has evidence that Ruto has stolen he should arrest him. If it were me I would not fail to arrest him. If you have evidence arrest him. No one is above the law” Kabaka reiterated.

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