Machakos MCAs want executive investigated over 229 million Laptrust monies

Dominic Ndambuki Chairman Budget and Appropriation committee of the County Assembly presenting the committee's report on the second supplementary budget for the 2019/2020 Financial year. (Photo credit -Courtesy)

Machakos County MCAs want the county executive investigated over 229 million Laptrust and Lapfund monies deducted from County employee’s salaries but not remitted to the pension schemes. This was among the recommendations in the Budget and Appropriations committee report on the second 2019/2020 second supplementary budget that was passed by the Assembly in a special sitting Wednesday.

229 million Laptrust and Lapfund monies

According to the committee report which is available on the County Assembly’s website, the monies have been budgeted year in year out and it is not clear why it is being appropriated again.

“The committee recommends that the funds be released to LapFund and LapTrust for payment of the retired employees. The committee will proceed to confirm from Lapfund and Laptrust the receipt of payment of the pending bill within 30 days. The committee recommends that the matter be investigated by relevant investigation agencies.” The report that was read by the Committee chair Dominic Ndambuki read in part.

Apart from the Lapfund and Laptrust some other notable recommendations included;

Executive failing to provide IFMIS Vote book and expenditure reviews

According to the Budget Committee report, the memberes were not provided with year to date expenditure reviews and IFMIS vote book to ascertain the need for reallocations in the departments.

“The expenditure details/column is ever missing in budgetary documents forwarded and never availed as requested. The same provides details on spending and reason for reallocations to the committee. The committee lacks details to explain to this honorable assembly how, where, and when the executive spend 1.5billion on development. The committee recommends that the County Treasury adheres to Article 183 (3) of the Constitution of Kenya that provides that the County Executive Committee member shall provide the County Assembly with full and regular reports on matters relating to the County.” The report recommended.

Funds diversion to projects not budgeted for

The report revealed that funds were diverted to projects that were not budgeted for; like tarmacking of roads whose, cost-benefit analysis against the upgrading of roads would have been restrained. The committee recommended that the ADP should guide the projects to be implemented as it covers priority proposals by the public and MCAs.

40 million for Aerodrome and Airstrip survey

In the 2019/2020 Financial year budget, 100 million had been  allocated for Aerodrome and Airstrip. The CECM informed the Budget Committee that there was a challenge over the land issue and if settled the project will be implemented.

He however said that 40 million was already spent on the survey and the balance of 60m moved to fleet management. The committee questioned how the survey could have been done on land that had not been identified and called on investigative agencies to follow up on the matter and that the project is done away with in the future budgets.

The committee further recommended that increase in salaries not to be introduced after the Financial year budget, reallocations more than 10 percent between departments be approved by the assembly as per section 135 of the PFMA, a county monitoring and evaluation team be constituted to guard against stalling on the projects and creation of votes for development projects for each ward among other recommendations.

 In a public outcry on social media this Monday, residents expressed dissatisfaction with the County Governments’ prioritization in the Supplementary Budget. These sentiments were expressed through a twitter hashtag #wiziMachakos.

Machakos CECM Finance and Planning in the supplementary budget sought approval to spend 152 million shillings on county building services in less than 2 weeks before the end of the financial year but the Budget committee reallocated that to Ward projects.

“The committee notes that the department has failed to carry out Ward projects only to embark on the refurbishment of buildings.  The committee has rejected to approve the reallocation of  Ksh. 151,892,890 for the refurbishment of buildings and additional  Ksh. 60,00,000 for fleet management.” The report added.

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