Machakos MCAs adopt motion seeking to revamp coffee sector and giving farmers access to cherry fund

Machakos County Bunge Mashinani sitting at Kangundo (Photo - Juline)

Machakos MCAs adopted a motion seeking to streamline the coffee cooperative societies and seeking to give farmers access to the cherry fund. This was during the Bunge Mashinani sitting in Kangundo DEB.

The Chairman of the Agricultural Committee in Machakos County Assembly and Kangundo Central Moses Mitaa tabled the motion. Mitaa noted that most of the cooperative society buildings needed renovation as most of them were in a bad condition.

“I have tabled a motion today in the assembly that cooperative societies be revamped so that when funds come they are not misappropriated and also we have LECOM milling factory in Machakos that will help in ensuring that coffee brokerage is no more as farmers will be exporting through the factory,” he said.

Coffee farming in Machakos County is to a great extent undertaken by small-scale farmers through the co-operative movements, commonly referred to as Farmers Co-operative Societies with the rest left to private planters. Machakos County has approximately 5million coffee plants with the capacity of producing approximately 12 million Kgs of cherry.

According to the Kangundo Central MCA, the current average coffee production per coffee plant is 2 kilograms while with good crop husbandry, the same plant can give the farmer an average of 30-40 kilograms per plant.
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Mitaa in the motion wanted the County Department of Agriculture to; Streamlines the management of coffee cooperative societies and undertake an annual audit to each cooperative society to help track operations and
financial inflow, outflow, and asset status.

The MCAs in the motion also urged the Agriculture Department to assist coffee farmers to access the cherry fund released by the National government and allocates enough funds for inputs that should be administered and accounted for by the cooperative society management;

The motion also tasked the Department to offer both managerial and financial support to LECOM milling factory to help reduce coffee
the market brokerage currently witnessed in the coffee cooperative societies

It was not all serious business though, Machakos Nominated MCA Margaret Mwikali took the locals who had attended through a tale on why Kamba men feared getting married to Kangundo women.

Machakos County Assembly speaker Florence Mwangangi also urged residents to support Kalonzo Musyoka for presidency come 2022 as he was best suited to lead the country as the next president.

“We shall be having a presidential election and as you know you have your own son whom you have been molding to become the president of Kenya, have you heard of One Kenya Alliance? It has four candidates and among the four Kalonzo is one of them who are eyeing the presidency,” she said.

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