Machakos Matatu Owners blame County Government for allowing Matatus from other routes

Parked Matatu's in Machakos as the owners protested Matatus from other routes. (Photo- Courtesy)

Transport was paralyzed for the better part of Wednesday (21st July) in Machakos town after Machakos Matatu Owners Association (MAMOA) withdrew their vehicles from the road.

The members were protesting that matatus from Kiambu and Nairobi have invaded their route and are charging less fare compared to their Sacco’s.

Speaking to Onesmus Kyalo who is the Chairman of Machakos Matatu Owners Association (MAMOA) accused the county of giving no objection letters without consulting them.

” The county government has caused all these problems by giving matatus letters of no objection without consulting us and other relevant stakeholders. This has made the matatus from other areas to come to Machakos in large numbers.” Onesmus Kyalo said.

The members alleged that they raised their concerns to County Transport Department but no action was taken against the other matatus from other counties. They said that the department has been allowing other vehicles without issuing the necessary regulations thus causing stiff competition.

Passengers from various parts of the country were left stranded and forced to use other means of transport.

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