Machakos inspectorate officers throw spikes at matatu, injuring passengers


Machakos County inspectorate officers are on the spot following a Friday evening accident that left several people injured. According to one of the drivers in the accident, the officers who had mounted a roadblock at Miwani threw spikes at one 33 seater Minibus. The Minibus then hit a Maruti upon applying emergency breaks resulting in injuries among the passengers.

The officers after the incident are said to have quickly escaped leaving the spikes on the road.

“I was driving the Maruti hit by the minibus after the County inspectorate officers tried to stop it. The minibus applied emergency brakes after hitting the spikes and it dragged and hit my Maruti.” The Maruti driver narrated.

“After the incident, they quickly rushed into their vehicles and left. How is it that they are mounting roadblocks and doing it inappropriately? They are always arresting vehicles and taking bribes. Something needs to be done.” He added.

One of the passengers in the vehicles called on the vehicles to exercise caution as they were risking vehicles saying one of the ladies in the Minibus had a fracture on her leg and was rushed to Machakos level 5 hospital.

Other angry passengers complained that setting up roadblocks for matatus was the work of the traffic police and not the Machakos inspectorate.

In May 2020, 3 people, a driver, an inspectorate officer from Machakos County, and a pedestrian were rushed to Machakos level 5 hospital for treatment after the Tuk-tuk they were traveling in rolled near the hospital. According to eyewitnesses, the driver of the Tuk-tuk lost control after the inspectorate officer tried to arrest him and took control of the steering

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